Buy Local, Fish Local

a sustainable vacation

by Captain Ashley Lyons

How amazing is it to be able to go on vacation and come home with the best memories or have tales of adventures only few have experienced. A trip like that requires action and getting hands on, following the locals to the secluded beaches and talking to the gentleman buying bait at the dock house. In order to indulge in such vacations you have to get local, like real local. Start with staying at a vacation rental house, you would be surprised that they are usually the same price as a hotel room. It could be right on the beach or even right down town over a hot night spot! Continue to picking local restaurants and cafes to eat at. Finish by doing what locals do for fun, taking walks in parks, visiting a u-pick farm to try fresh local produce, and if you're in Florida you have to go fishing.

Our home marina where we launch from. They provide 75% of the tackle and bait we use on our inshore trips.
Shallow water wrecks, like this one, hold a variety of fish. Test your skills to see if you can keep the keepers without losing them and the sinker.
Catch of the day, yummy Blufish

There is already a name for this type of vacation and no, it's not 'Awesome'. Its called the Buy Local movement. You've probably already heard of it and might even be participating in your own town too. How does this translate to a vacation? Simple, like purchasing local in your community to strengthen economy, source affordable produce and conserve resources, you purchase local where ever you visit too. This is a really great way to see the colorful character behind a city.

Now, how do you get to the local level in my little part of the world? Get connected with nature! You have to if you're in Florida, some of the best untouched areas might only be a stroll from where you're staying. For me I love learning how things work, I would suggest looking for a u-pick farm. Strawberries, oranges and tomatoes are common u-pick crops and tasty ones. Ask the tenders at the farm stand about the harvest process and seasons, how to properly remove the produce from the vine or tree. Not only will you come away with a yummy treat but some very interesting knowledge. Purchasing from these small farms will keep them in business and preserve a product that can be gained locally and usually cheaper than the grocery store for most of us. Don't forget about fishing which is the best overall, but I'm bias. I've never met a local who hasn't fished, so I call it a must do. When taking a charter look for the normal safety requirements but also look for someone who is a good fit for you and your family make sure to look at the vessel to see if it will be comfortable for your group. Learn what equipment is needed and the techniques used to catch fish. Hopefully you'll come away with a nice fish sandwich and the know-how to reeling it in. You'll also be supporting the community where the captain buys his bait and tackle and pays the family owned marina for dockage.

The idea of buying locally is very beneficial circle, and with a little effort the same moms and pops you buy from now will be the same moms and pops you buy from ten years from now. Next time you're in Tampa Bay think about casting some lines. Until then I have a Blacken-Seabass, Lettuce and Tomato (Tampa BLT) sandwich to finish, all locally sourced by the way!

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